In the good old days; Calallen had good “beef” cattle like these. The town of Calallen was named after a Successful Cattle Rancher, Calvin J. Allen. When old “Nuecestown,Texas” did not survive the era, Calallen, Texas was born. Calallen has blossomed into a beautiful scenic and wonderful Sun City to live, work, play and visit. Calallen has it all; Recreational Areas, fine Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Centers, Churches, and Movie-Theater. The Community is warm and hospitable. The Calallen High School Sports are second to none. Winning District in Football, basketball, volleyball, track and baseball. So feel free to visit and be welcome into our world.

The Ancient Indian Lore:

The Nueces River, the ole Swimming Hole; When the “Nueces” bird is known to squawk, Calallen is known to win its sport event. before you laugh it off as SUPERSTITION; know this: Calallen Football is the best in Texas in the 1990s. It owns the highest winning percentage, in Texas. A Texas Record for 12 Seasons consecutive wins of 12, and in y2k are going for its 13 Season. Can they do it? (Ref: Pigskin Prep Magazine.)


#1: Most Wins in the 1990s. At all Levels from 1A to 5A, both Public and Private school

Lest you forget; Calallen Baseball Wildcats have repeated, 1998 & 1999 as Runner-up in the Texas 4A Baseball Championship game. They have made the State final 4, six times in the ’90s. And in the year 2000, you guessed it! They won the last game of the season and are the TEXAS 4A HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONS. Record 38-3, a new Calallen’s Best. In 1998-1999, The “Nueces” bird squawked often enough that the Wildcats, won district in Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball. Highest percentage (65%) in sending its grads to a four year college. (It’s rumoured; that the Warriors, Pirates, Brahmas, Coyotes and the rest of 31-4A has been seen with Bow & Arrows, Sling-shots, and rocks over at the Nueces River. Will they succeed in?terminating?the “Nueces Bird”? Only time will tell, we shall see!